O’Fallon Salvation Army Food Pantry

Members of the Kiwanis Club of O’Fallon have volunteered at the O’Fallon Salvation Army Food Pantry for about 5 years. They work at the Food Pantry one evening a month so people in the community,especially those who work during the day can shop for food. Kiwanis members staff the evening Food Pantry from 5:30pm to 6:45pm. This has been a great success and continues to grow as people discover it.

Some of our Kiwanis volunteers who work at the Food Pantry:
Katie, Martha, Ed, Xandria and John (also Tom pictured below)

Tom & Xandria show the type of carts our customers shop with in the Food Pantry.

Xandria & John breaking down boxes.

Club members installed a bookshelf in the Salvation Army Food Pantry so people waiting to shop for food would have something to read. Since children often accompany their parents to the Pantry, Kiwanis club members try to find used children’s books. The books are taken home by these families so each month more books are stocked into the shelf.

John & Martha add stickers to books to be donated
John adding “Donated by O’Fallon Kiwanis” stickers
Martha adding books to
the Salvation Army Pantry
Book Shelf
Straightening the books
Adding more and more books!