Safety Town Scholarships

This year is the ninth year that the O’Fallon Kiwanis Club is providing scholarships for preschool children to the O’Fallon Police Department’s Safety Town.  These scholarships allow a number of children to participate each year who wouldn’t be able to participate without this help.  Nine years ago, the club donated a tent that looks like a Police Station to use in their simulated city layout. Pictured is that tent and the children who were participating in one of the sessions.

Kiwanis members Ed and Martha Radginski presented the check to Officers Andy Lubiewski and Bob Schoonover for the 2024 session.

O’Fallon Safety Town is a nationally accredited child accident prevention program put on by the O’Fallon Police Department that introduces safety awareness and preventive procedures to children, ages 4½ through 6½ years old. The program uses a simulated city layout, a classroom facility, and an off-campus field trip.

Under the guidance of police officers, a certified teacher, paramedics, firefighters, railroad police and trained volunteer staff, children experience “real life” situations. In accordance with their age and maturity, children are taught to evaluate “safe from unsafe” and how to react safely when confronted with dangerous situations.

Safety Town is a yearly tradition that officers look forward to just as much as the kids who attend. Each day is dedicated to a different topic, and children also learn catchy songs and rhymes that will help them remember vital safety information.